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Reasonably Priced Hosting Solutions

$8.33 /mo

Regular Plan

  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 5 Domains Hosted
  • 30-Day Free Trial

The Internet is a key component of our daily agenda. It also offers a means for individuals to earn additional cash. Whether you wish to build your own site with ads on it, or simply want to promote a specific product, you will need a web hosting provider so that your website will be always visible online. But how do you discover one that is cheap enough?

Shared Web Hosting Services

There are numerous hosting vendors providing web hosting solutions. The rivalry is huge and hence there are multiple hosting corporations striving to provide cheap web hosting plans to win over more customers. The shared web hosting solution is fairly cheap – it permits hosting firms to accommodate plenty of clients on one and the same web server, thus decreasing the cost of the web hosting service. However, the clients are offered a reliable hosting service whose reliability is guaranteed by specific system resource limits that each customer has to comply with so that his website does not deter the smooth performance of the rest of the websites on that server.

Flexible, Inexpensively Priced Web Hosting Plans

If you have looked around for a cheaply priced hosting solution for some time, and have a frame of reference, you will value the flexible and cheap prices that PickMweb offers. We have many bonuses – a cheap domain name registration with each of our cheap hosting packages, a free website building tool and a free-of-cost, user-friendly web application installer. Your website can be up and running in no time and, thanks to the cut-rate hosting service, you have to spend a little and gain a lot by.

Low-Priced, Multi-Function Hosting Solutions

Besides hosting your website, shared hosting packages give you also the ability to set up your own personal e-mail boxes using your very own personal domain. The hosting Control Panel provided by PickMweb includes extremely easy-to-use and fully featured tools for managing your website files and for setting up and administering your very own mail accounts. Whether you pay on a monthly or on an annual basis – it is not important, the features do not fluctuate and the prices are really good. If you do not wish to set up an electronic mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird to access your email boxes, there is also a webmail system, which allows you to access your mailbox account from anywhere on the condition that you have access to the Internet.

Regular Advanced Professional Simple
Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted 1 website hosted
30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial
$8.33 / month $12.50 / month $20.83 / month $7.50 / month